Fort Myers Accountant Debuts New eBook, "Tax Planning for Changing Times"



Fort Myers accountant, Mark Makara of Makara & Associates, debuts a new eBook: “Tax Planning for Changing Times.”

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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - March 1, 2013  With the current economical climate, new tax laws, and attempts to avert the "fiscal cliff", many people are concerned about how they will be affected by these changes.  To help address these concerns, Fort Myers accountant Mark Makara is providing a free, educational resource on his website.  He has just debuted a new eBook entitled, Tax Planning for Changing Times, which is available for anyone to download at no charge. 

This eBook is the latest addition to Makara's online library, which includes eBooks such as: Divorce.  What You Need to Think About from a Financial Perspective, 3 Tips to Help You Sit Pretty in Retirement, and The Nuts & Bolts of Social Security in 7 Easy Steps, and Tax Deductions and You: What You Need to Know, as well as many other free, educational eBooks.

"With the media buzzing around talk of the "fiscal cliff" and new tax laws, many people are left wondering exactly what all of this will mean for them individually," said Mark Makara.  "We decided to publish this eBook as a service to our clients, as well as the general public.  It discusses tax planning and the 2013 laws in a brief format that's easy for anyone to read and understand.  This eBook will serve as a valuable, educational resource for virtually anyone who pays taxes, and will help them be better prepared for filing in 2013."

"Tax Planning for Changing Times" outlines important issues around tax planning, including new laws and the most common tax previsions that expired at the end of 2012.  It also discusses issues such as "Investment and Tax Planning Your Portfolio", "Estate, Gift, and GST Tax", and "Net Investment Income, & Medicare Surtax".

Although the information in this eBook all remains valid, it was debuted prior to the recent "Fiscal Cliff Deal" put out by Congress.  Therefore, Fort Myers accountant, Makara advises readers to contact him or their accountant for more detailed information about recent updates. 

Tax Planning for Changing Times, as well as Makara's entire library of eBooks are available for free download at


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