Mark Makara, Fort Myers CPA, Receives Credential and is Now a Member of ACFEI




Mark Makara, Fort Myers CPA, Owner of Accounting Firm Makara & Associates, LLC, has recently earned member status with the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) and is now offering Forensic Accounting services in addition to his current CPA services.

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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - August 12, 2013  Makara & Associates, LLC, announces that Mark Makara, Fort Myers CPA, has recently earned member status with the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI). The Certified Forensic Accountant, Cr.FA program provides Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) knowledge and competence in multiple areas of professional forensic accounting services. This certification permits accountants to be involved in litigation support, including providing assistance on cases relative to the calculation or estimation of economic damages. It also permits them to be involved in investigative accounting, which is looking into illegal activities of cases.

Mark Makara - Cr.FA
Mark Makara - Cr.FA

Forensic Accounting is a diverse, new tool, designed to meet a growing need for everything from re-establishing financials after natural disasters, to divorce and business partner disputes,” said Mark Makara, Fort Myers CPA, “I decided to pursue this certification so that clients who are in need of a forensic accountant will have someone available that they know and trust.”

Forensic Accountants combine investigation, auditing, and accounting to deliver a specialized approach to the subject at hand. They collect and analyze financials for the purpose of shedding light on discrepancies in a courtroom or boardroom. These accountants are often called in to testify in bankruptcy, reorganization or insolvency cases. Additionally, they may be used in fraud cases, divorce cases, shareholder/partner and contractual disputes, insurance claims, credit card fraud, embezzlement, securities fraud, and risk consulting.

Makara added, “A forensic accountant may also help with disaster relief by determining the circumstances of businesses interruption loss. For example, forensic accounting is currently being used by our firm to determine BP claims and whether the companies can show causation.”

Forensic Accountants may be used as expert witnesses in court to help the judge or jury understand complicated analysis, as whereas a fact (or “lay”) witness can only testify to fact. In addition, they may be used as “masters”, who assist in determining certain facts or computing damages, or “special masters”, who are appointed to act as the court’s representative.

A Forensic Accountant is required to hold a CPA license with no record of disciplinary action or not currently under investigation. In addition, the certification requires a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting plus two to four years of accounting experience as a basic requirement. The certification that designates a CPA as forensic is the Certified Forensic Accountant, or Cr.FA.

Makara was awarded his membership with the ACFEI and became a Cr.FA in June of 2013. He is now qualified to serve all clients in Southwest Florida who are in need of Forensic Accounting services.

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