Naples Accountant Debuts New eBook, "Divorce. What You Need to Think About From a Financial Perspective"


Naples accountant, Mark Makara of Makara & Asscociates, debuts a new eBook: “Divorce. What You Need to Think About From a Financial Perspective”

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NAPLES, FL – April 24, 2012     Naples accountant, Mark Makara, announces the release of a new eBook entitled Divorce. What You Need to Know From a Financial Perspective. This eBook is a valuable resource for anyone who may be considering divorce, or who is already in the process of a divorce. The book is the latest addition to Makara’s online library, which includes free eBooks such as: “Roth IRA – 8 Quick Helpful Tips”, “3 Tips to Help You Sit Pretty in Retirement”, “The Nuts & Bolts of Social Security in 7 Easy Steps”, and “Tax Deductions and You: What You Need to Know.”

“The process of divorce can be a very stressful and trying time for everyone involved,” said Mark Makara of Makara & Associates. “The financial aspect of divorce only adds to the complications, and can often cause the process to drag out much longer than it needs to. My hope is that this eBook will help those who are going through a divorce better prepare for the financial element and understand, in advance, what steps they need to take in order to make the process a little easier.”

“Divorce. What You Need to Think About From a Financial Perspective” begins by discussing the importance of hiring a qualified attorney to assist with the legalities of divorce. The eBook then provides a detailed checklist of all the financial documents that both parties should gather. It also outlines the typical process of a divorce proceeding, and provides an overview of what to expect. Following this, the book proceeds to address various financial issues which arise during the divorce process. These include matters such as marital assets, personal property, debt, real estate, tax preparation, alimony, and child support.

Makara’s latest eBook is a must read for anyone who finds themselves forced to endure the process of divorce. Although he advises the reader to seek a qualified attorney who can walk them through the legal process, this eBook provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the financial aspect of divorce.

Makara adds, “When it comes to something as emotionally, mentally, and financially taxing as going through a contested divorce, there is really no way to “prepare” yourself for it. However, this eBook will help you go into the situation better prepared, and with realistic expectations regarding finances. Having the proper documents in order and knowing what to expect will certainly help smooth the process, and will hopefully help to reduce the amount of stress involved.”

Divorce. What You Need to Know From a Financial Perspective, as well as the entire eBook library, is currently available for anyone to download free of charge at More information and useful tips may also be found on Mark Makara’s blog at

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